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Counselling Services

1. Scope of services

    a). Individuals, couples and families who are experiencing :

  • Possible psychological and mental health problems
  • Crisis (e.g. acute episodes of psychological and mental health problems)
  • Ongoing personal and interpersonal difficulties (e.g. health related psychological and mental health problems; relationship problems at work and with peers)
  • Couple and family conflicts and breakdowns (e.g. domestic violence)
  • Caring difficulties (e.g. care of relatives with chronic illnesses, disabilities, and dementia)

    b). Professional who need :

  • Ongoing supervision and consultation in order to provide high quality counselling services for their clients

2. Expertise :

We have qualified clinical psychologist, family therapist, clinical social worker, counsellor to provide high quality counselling services and consultations.

3. Services :

  • Crisis intervention
  • Psychological assessment
  • Individual counselling
  • Group counselling
  • Couple and family counselling
  • Clinical workshop
  • Supervision and consultation to professionals

4. Operations :

    Operation hours :
    Individual counselling - By appointment
    Group counselling and clinical workshop - See announcement

    How to make a booking :
    Please call our Centre on 03 88067532 or 0401718043

    Service charge :
    Medicare or self payment. For those with financial difficulties, fees can be negotiated.

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