About Us

A. Aims & Objectives

  • Educate service users on the development and maintenance of good general and mental health.
  • Develop and launch early prevention programs to reduce the incidence of general and mental health problems among service users.
  • Provide crisis intervention to enhance the recovery of psychosocial and mental well-being of service users.
  • Conduct research to identify and address the general and mental health needs of service users.
  • Promote collaboration with health and mental health services in the provision of culturally sensitive practices to service users.

B. Our People

  • 1). Board Members
    Our association is governed by a board of directors who are volunteers that have years of experience in their respective field of work. They provide advice to staff of the association in order to ensure that a smooth and timely offering of services that will meet your specific needs.

    Our board members include :
    Mrs LAU-TAN Yee Wah, Ina (Chairman)
    Dr. YUEN Yuk King, Caroline (Secretary)
    Ms Wendy Beh (Treasurer)
    Professor WONG Fu Keung, Daniel
    Ms HUANG Hsiao-Yun, Dolly
    Mr Wilfred Kwok

    About the Board members :
   Ina TAN   Chairman
Ina TAN, Lau Yee Wah

is a practicing family therapist and psychotherapist, and clinical member of AAFT and PACFA. She has diverse counseling experiences : individual, family, student, migrant and Christian counseling. In the past 12 years, she is specialized in addiction and gambling counseling. Her personal interests include reading, meditation, movies, music/opera and travelling.

Caroline YuenSecretary
Dr. YUEN Yuk King, Caroline

is an experienced social worker in aged care, senior education, mental health of older adults and carer support. She is also specialized in research, training, case management and community health promotion.

   Wendy Beh   Treasurer
Ms Wendy Beh

Daniel WongBoard Member
Professor WONG Fu Keung, Daniel
has received training in social work and clinical psychology. As a university teacher, he has taught subjects relating to mental health social work, cognitive behavior therapy and counselling. He is a popular public speaker and trainer on mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. He also provides individual and group counselling for people with diverse mental health problems in Cantonese and Mandarin.

Dolly HuangBoard Member
Dr. HUANG Hsiao-Yun, Dolly
is an experienced social worker and has been working with older adults and carers for many years. She recently completed her PhD investigating aged care use by older Chinese-speaking immigrants in Australia. Her research interests and practice areas are aged care services, cross-cultural practice, mental health, and healthy and active ageing.

Wilfred KwokBoard Member
Mr Wilfred Kwok
is an experienced physiotherapist and a Master Trainer with the Chronic Disease Self Management Program of Stanford University, USA and of Dr Paul Lam’s Tai Chi for Health programs. Wilfred has plenty experience in clinical and community base rehabilitation and wellness enhancement as a physiotherapist and ergonomist in Hong Kong and Melbourne Australia.

  • 2). Clinical Team
Professor WONG Fu Keung

Clinical Psychologist

   Ina TAN   

Family Therapist & Psychotherapist

Ms Ada Poon
Ms Ada Poon
is an experienced social worker and counsellor. She is practicing CBT, Family Therapy and Mindfulness Based CBT to help people with mental health concerns to improve their negative emotions, to help carers to handle their carer stress, new migrants to adjust better, and enhance families to deal with family relationship and crisis. She is also a qualified Mental Health First Aid instructor, and can speak fluent Cantonese and Mandarin.