About Us

A. Aims & Objectives

  • Educate service users on the development and maintenance of good general and mental health.
  • Develop and launch early prevention programs to reduce the incidence of general and mental health problems among service users.
  • Provide crisis intervention to enhance the recovery of psychosocial and mental well-being of service users.
  • Conduct research to identify and address the general and mental health needs of service users.
  • Promote collaboration with health and mental health services in the provision of culturally sensitive practices to service users.

B. Our People

  • 1). Board Members
    Our association is governed by a board of directors who are volunteers that have years of experience in their respective field of work. They provide advice to staff of the association in order to ensure that a smooth and timely offering of services that will meet your specific needs.

    Our board members include :
    Miss Minerva LAU (President)
    Dr Wilfred WANG (Vice-President)
    Dr Agnes, Kwok Tung NG (Vice-President)
    Mrs. Lisa, Wai-Chi LI (Secretary)
    Mr. Patrick POON (Treasurer)
    Dr Caroline, Yuk King YUEN
    Dr Harvey, HongQi ZHENG

    About the Board members :
Minerva LauPresident
Miss Minerva LAU
is an Australia’s Aged Care Clinical and Finance Specialist with 30 years of solid clinical background as a Registered Nurse (APHRA, NMBA) across public, private and non-profit aged care facilities. She demonstrates highly adaptive planning, administrative, legislative, fiscal, human resources and daily operational knowledge and experience in Australian Residential Aged Care system. She is a comprehensive and knowledgeable supervisor and consultant to coach the workforces and manage organization sustainability.

Wilfred WangVice President
Dr Wilfred Wang
is a lecturer in media and communication studies at the University of Melbourne.  His latest research project explores the social meaning of mobile media use among older Chinese migrants in Australia. As a university teacher, he works closely with students from diverse backgrounds and is passionate about promoting their awareness of mental health and wellbeing. Wilfred currently is a member of the regional advisory council of the Victorian Multicultural Commission. He also volunteers at his local Country Fire Authority (CFA) branch and is their Fundraising Coordinator.

   Agnes Ng   Vice-President
Dr Agnes, Kwok Tung NG
Dr Ng has over 30 years working experience in social work. Prior to being a private consultant, she was the Assistant Chief Executive of Christian Family Service Centre (HK) where she supervised the operation and development of their integrated programs including family, elderly care and rehabilitation services. She also worked as an adjunct lecturer for the Master of Counselling at Monash University. All along, she provides trainings, clinical supervision and consultancy services to social work professionals, organizations, and training institutes in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, and Australia.

   Lisa Li   Secretary
Mrs. Lisa, Wai-Chi LI
is a Community Pharmacist. She has been actively conducting community education programs to senior citizen clubs, church fellowships, and radio to talk about health care topics such as “prevention better than cure”, “quality use of medicines”, “polypharmacy management”, “mental health and aged care”. She is interested in new innovative ideas to do fundraising for charity and participating volunteer work for Rotary Club Opportunity Shop.

   Patrick Poon   Treasurer
Mr. Patrick POON
worked in the finance industry for nearly forty years. He worked voluntary for a few welfare agencies to contribute back to the community after he retired. He has been an active Community Visitor for the Office of the Public Advocate for three years, and volunteering at a Day Activity Centre for the intellectual impaired and subsequently served in its Board of Management for seven years.

Caroline YuenBoard Member
Dr Caroline, Yuk King YUEN
is an experienced social worker in aged care, senior education, mental health of older adults and carer support. She is also specialized in research, training, case management and community health promotion.

Harvey ZhengBoard Member
Dr Harvey, HongQi ZHENG
Dr Zhang is a retired professor in medicine. He used to teach western medical subjects to Chinese medical students. In the last few years before and after his retirement, he has been focusing on promoting Lifestyle Medicine in preventing and treating various lifestyle related diseases.

  • 2). Clinical Team
   Ina Tan   
Family Therapist & Psychotherapist

Ms Ada Poon
Ms Ada Poon
is an experienced mental health social worker and counsellor. She is practicing CBT, Family therapy, Mindfulness-based CBT and Art Therapy to help people experiencing stress, negative emotion, mental health, relationship issue to improve their coping and resilience. She is also a qualified Mental Health First Aid instructor, and can speak fluent Cantonese and Mandarin, English.